Latest 5 Jan 2015

Sloane Stephens ready for second round battle against Lauren Davis

Sloane Stephens ready for second round battle against Lauren Davis

Sixth seed Sloane Stephens swept past Silvia Soler-Espinosa in a 6-3, 6-1 first round victory. We caught up with her after the match​ :

“I thought I played pretty well, I played solid, I mean I didn’t make many mistakes. I was hitting the ball well, and it was good weather, the ball was bouncing great for me so I thought I played pretty solid and I was happy with that win.”

You didn’t take long to get through the match, just over an hour or so, are you happy to get through the match quicker, rather than drag it out a bit?

“Yeah I think everyone is happy when they have quick matches, if they’re winning obviously. I was really happy that it was quick and that I was able to close it out and just play really solid.”

What are your goals and targets for 2015?

“Just to have fun and be competitive, obviously enjoy myself out on the court. It’s a long season, a long road ahead so I’m just going to try and enjoy myself for the whole entire season, and win as many matches as possible.”

How good is it to have so many other Americans on tour? 

It’s awesome. There are so many girls. It’s good when we’ve all grown up together, since we were really little. So it’s nice to still have all the girls that we grew up with, and most of us didn’t go to High School or anything, so it’s kind of our little ‘high-school clique’ I guess you could say. It’s nice to see us all doing well and everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves, so that’s all that matters.

Have you had much to do with Lauren Davis, who you’re up against next?

I played her in Hobart two years ago, and we had a battle. Every time I’ve played her we have a battle. I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure we’ll have a great match.