Womens 6 Jan 2017

Ladies That Lunch at the ASB Classic

Ladies That Lunch at the ASB Classic

A degustation of shoes, tennis and frocks – Ladies that Lunch returns for 2017 ASB Classic

A three-course degustation by Nic Watt, with a side of shoes, tennis, and frocks. What better way to spend the first Friday of 2017?

Guests to this year’s ASB Classic Ladies that Lunch event were treated to an afternoon of delicious food, chilled champagne, exceptional company and exciting tennis. Top New Zealand chef Nic Watt, designed a bespoke three-course menu including; Gurnard escabeche with compressed watermelon, Citrus confit Antarctic cod and seasonal vegetable salad, completed with Pavlova with strawberry miso.

Not only were guests treated to exquisite food, but they shared the company of two of New Zealand’s favourite designers, Kathryn Wilson and Juliette Hogan. The bubbly fashionistas shared an insight into all things fashion and tennis with a Q&A hosted by Dominic Bowden.

According to clothing designer Juliette Hogan, those heading to the ASB Classic this year should dress for both style and comfort, with a hint of sophistication…

“And of course a pair of Kathryn Wilson heels,” Wilson added.

The 90 or so guests were also gifted a one-off tennis inspired silk scarf, designed by Juliette Hogan.